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Acoustic Freezing Ltd develops and produces the acoustic freezing system, AEF.  The most gentle freezing method among existing technologies.

Dmitry Balabolin. Aerospace ingeneerDmitry Balabolin. Aerospace ingeneer

Acoustic Freezing allows you to obtain, for the first time in history, the taste and quality of fresh fish after it has been frozen.

More than 10 years of research!

Best  quality of fish, caviar and seafood!

Quality is proved by histological and chemical analyses.

Possible use in air, plate, spiral, tunnel and other types of freezers.





Ice crystals go out of cell bordersIce crystals go out of cell borders

On the left you see carp meat frozen in a shock freezer.

Ice crystals are bigger than cell size and they join each other to form even bigger crystals, damaging the cell walls.

After defrosting damaged cell membranes cause loss of liquid, color and taste.








Micro ice crystals have sphere form.Micro ice crystals have sphere form.

Here you see the same carp, this time frozen with AEF. Small balls are ice crystals which fill cells.

In comparison with shock freeze, the size of ice crystals is ten times less.

Cell membranes are intact.

After defrosting carp is of quality exactly like fresh fish.







The shape of the cut, colour, taste and structure of the steak is identical to when it is fresh.

AEF allows semi-freezing of fish for further cutting without quality loss.

You can use AEF at any low temperature: -18°C, -30°C or -40°C.

Quality will remain the same.

Fish glazing is not necessary.






A cod fillet will have the quality of a chilled fillet if it is frozen on the vessel in the AEF system.

It is possible to use AEF in any type of freezer. 

Weight of cooked AEF fish is 15% more than cooked IQF fish.






Ship quick freezer.Ship quick freezer.

 AEF can be installed into this type of freezer as well as in any other type of freezer.


















Cooked salmon.

Left side is IQF. Right side is AEF (acoustic freezer).

Liquid is fully saved by AEF.






Shrimps get ideal level of quality. Same as fresh. 

Both natural and aquacultural.