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Q: How long can I store AEF frozen food ?

A: More than 15 month at -18°C. Or infinitely at -130°C.

Q: Level of power consumption?

A: Less than 150 Vatt for 1 m3 of food.

Q: Is it necessary to use deep cold (-30°C or more?)

A: No. You can use AEF system even in static cols warehouse at -18°С.

Q: Is AEF suitable for soups or other cooked food?

A: Yes.

Q: Hot dogs? Hamburgers? 

A: Yes.

Q: Is AEF a shock freezer?

A:  No. It is a much more gentle freezing system.

Q: Is quality of AEF better than IQF?

A: See the below photo. We purchased competitors’ zucchini (right) and compared it with AEF (left).

Ice go outside of IQF zucchini.Ice go outside of IQF zucchini.