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AEF freezing system is the newest in the market, providing fresh-like quality of frozen food. Fish, Meat, Caviar, Vegatables, Berries, Porcini, Seafood, Cakes  and ready-to-cook food. Shock freezing is an 'ancient' technology, that will be replaced by AEF.

Never buy Shock Freezer before testing  Acoustic Extra Freezer. Get the quality of chilled food for the frozen food. Twice better than IQF. 

Download summary of AEF  

Download AEF FISH presentation.                                                                                 

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The  AEF unit can be installed into existing freezing  equipment. Compressors and other equipment  do not require replacement.

AEF lifetime is more than 10 years. 

Installation of the AEF system inside a freezer takes 7 days. You can order freezing equipment  yourself or purchase  it from us.

Acoustic freezing is completely safe for employees and environmentally  friendly.